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Privatize & Warehouse Your Capital

How many financial advisors have ever told you, you can own your own bank? NONE.

Are you Ready to Fire Your Bank?

Never again will you be in bondage to creditors & big banks!

By owning ReQaptureBank account(s), you now have the ability to create increasing financial capital that continuously grows to fund your life’s necessities. Your money grows in a secured environment with a guaranteed interest rate and potential dividends.


You can use your bank to invest, start a business, pay for education, buy vehicles, take vacations and fund real-estate purchases. The true power of owning a ReQapture bank is that your account(s) can be handed down generationally. Your bank will become the financial building block for your family’s generational wealth. Your bank can also be a retirement vehicle where you can create a million-dollar pension plan for yourself, your spouse and your children – that you control. Your bank will warehouse all the capital your family will ever need to live the life of their choosing. By privatizing your money, you eliminate the need to borrow money or pay interest to creditors - ever. With a ReQapture Bank, YOU, ARE THE BANK!

  • Who do you know that lives paycheck to paycheck, month to month, using credit cards to float to the next pay cycle?

  • Have you sat across from a loan officer while they scrutinize your financial history to determine if your eligible to buy a car or a home?

  • How many people do you know who struggle to save for retirement?

  • How many times do you feel your financial situation controls your life instead of you when the opportunity arrives to purchase, and you are not able to afford it?

Owning a Bank can solve all of that!

Problems with Traditional Banking & Retirement Plans

  • No Guaranteed Growth

  • Huge Interest Payments to Borrow

  • Credit Checks to Borrow Money

  • Banks Earn Interest on Your Dollars

  • Management Fees

  • Taxed Withdrawals

  • Early Access Penalties of Retirement Fund

  • Fees to Access Your Retirement Funds


Benefits of Owning Your Own Bank

  • Guaranteed Lifetime income

  • Guaranteed Growth

  • 100% Principal Protection

  • Tax DeferredGrowth

  • Disability Benefits

  • Eliminate Debt

  • No penalties to access funds

  • Tax Freewithdrawals

  • Tax-Free to Heirs

  • No Management Fees

  • No more credit checks to borrow

  • Protection From Creditors

Does your current retirement plan measure up?

Turbo Charge Your Bank

401k Vs. ReQapture's 100k Plan

WIth the current 401k market where it is, consumers are risking their retirement dollars in a volatile market.

Do you want your retirement at risk in a risky market? Theres a better way with ReQapture....

Banking is a Process - NOT a "Product"

Put your home equity to work

Do you have equity in your home?

While most people take out a HELOC to go on vacation or make repairs on their home, ReQapture is teaching people like yourself how to leverage that equity to turbo charge your own private bank creating a tax free income.

Why not utilize that dormant equity and put it to work for you?

Don’t risk your retirement where it’s subject to taxes, penalties and no guarantees! Get away from the "Wall Street Greed" and speculation with your money in the 401k vs. actuarial science using math and statistics.

Ideal Candidates

If the answer is YES to the following questions, you are an ideal candidate!

Do you want to...

  • Have Tax-Free Retirement?

  • Earn guaranteed interest on your money?

  • Have Tax-Free Retirement?

  • Know exactly when you can retire with guaranteed lifetime income?

  • Protect your income from creditors?

  • Leave a legacy for your family?

  • ReQapture all the money you spend on life expenditures?

  • Eliminate all of your debt?

  • Never pay interest to creditors again?

Would you like to have peace of mind that you possess a real retirement "Plan?"


Imagine having the ability to ReQapture all of life's expenses while paying off your debt completely & building a tax free lifetime income!

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